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Dress It Up With Twinkling Lights

Quick and easy way to cosy up your space. FermobTea lights holders and LED rechargeable Balad lamps| France, scattered on outdoor dining tables, stairs even tree branches. They add a romantic and magical feeling while you are relaxing after a long day at work. Fermob LED portable colourful lamps and CUUB Tealight holders will transform your outdoor space into a magical place! Very handy to allow us to have some light & some magical good mood that we all need so much during these power cuts!


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Fermob France Balad Lamps


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Fermob France CUUB Tealight holders


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Stick To Neutrals For Scandinavian Chic Style

Neutrals don't have to be boring. Soft creams and shades of grey can work together to create an understated and incredibly sophisticated scheme. And it works beautifully for a winter patio.
The trick is all in the textures. Mix up powder-coated aluminium, and teak, like it's done with our Murlo collection or fully upholstered Vigo COCOON grey collection for plenty of visual and tactile interest. And cushy comfort. 

Murlo Collection

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Vigo Cocoon Collection

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Turn A Greenhouse Into A Welcoming Retreat

If sitting outdoors in the middle of the winter is a bit too much for you, why not make the most of your garden building instead?

This beautiful greenhouse has been transformed into a cosy den. As autumn comes to an end and you can feel winter is approaching, it's very easy to retreat indoors and forget your garden until spring comes again.
"It will also mean that your greenhouse will cope with the winter much better as will any plants you want to keep while it's cold. "And we have a beautiful selection of teak garden benches that would be a perfect addition to your greenhouse. With magic Fermob lights and a beautiful and unusual Banana Bench, what a beautiful place to have a glass of wine or a cup of tea with your friends & family!



How Do You Make A Winter Patio Garden With Succulents?


With the right styling, you can make the most of your garden during the winter months too!

The best winter garden ideas will transform a once-upon-a-time summer haven into a magical retreat as the seasons change. We're talking stunning container displays, and layers of plants, in different height terracotta pots, all brought together to be enjoyed under blue winter skies.

We have a perfect idea for you. Succulents.

Succulents are very eco-friendly! 

Come in as many colours as you can imagine.

Offers varieties that are equally capable of making your outdoor or indoor space beautiful all year long.

Forgives if you forget to water it, by soldiering on without food or water, for a few weeks.

It will be easy to find a succulent you'll love, no matter where you live.

You'll only have about 20,000 choices.

Succulents are much more than cacti.


Succulent growers are fond of this saying: “All cactus are succulents but not all succulents are cactus.”


Succulents are plants that store water in their tissues.

To decide which succulents to grow, divide them into two main types:

  • Hardy - those that can be grown outdoors. All-year-round.
  • Not hardy - those that can be grown outdoors in pots during the spring and summer and perhaps early fall but would need to be moved indoors during cold weather.


Whatever your preference, we have a lovely Benocci handmade Italian Terracotta, Ciotola, to offer, as well as Vaso Doppio Orlo, in different sizes:

  • BENV35 - 35cm D x 35cmH
  • BENV40 - 40cm D x39cmH
  • BENV45-45cm D x 45cmH

Why do we recommend these specific pots and sizes?

The depth of the pot is important to consider for the well-being of your chubby plant. The reason is that pots that are too deep or tall contain a massive amount of soil, which may not be suitable for healthy growth.
If you decide to go for a pot, make sure that it has a drainage hole, otherwise, it will retain excessive moisture and make your plant's root rot.
And we have the best. Benocci handmade Italian Terracotta to offer you.

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Autumn & Winter Trends To Know About In 2022 In SA


Miuccia Prada delivered in a statement released after her autumn/winter 2022 fashion show. “You want to live again, to be inspired. And to learn from the lives of people.”


What is trending now- winter/July in South Africa?


The flight jacket is up with sequins. Leather and faux fur - paired with mini skirts and thigh-high boots.

The oversized blazer is paired with everything from tiny metallic skirts and latex boots to baggy cords and sneakers.


Have fun!





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